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First Impressions: iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro is the first iPhone I’ve gotten that I have felt some amount of regression. This first impression may seem like I think the iPhone 12 Pro is bad, but it’s more a testament of how good the iPhone has become.

What I’ve noticed in my short time with the new device:

It’s hard to knock Apple for these changes (except maybe the size, which would have been better if they kept the screen size the same compared to the 11 and made the overall device smaller). Most of my other complaints are just trade-offs they made. More camera sensors are going to add weight and most find the camera more important than the slight awkwardness in hand that results from it. 3D touch wasn’t used and is responsible for making the iPhone 11’s battery life better and making the overall cost cheaper.

I’m on the fence about returning it and just refreshing my iPhone XS (it is pretty beat up and the battery health is under 80%). I’d really miss the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro (especially low light and the ultra wide lens). Other than that, I don’t really care about the newer features. Alternatively, I might just go with a iPhone 12 mini as it solves a ton of my problems listed, but it still doesn’t have 3D touch. I suppose I’ll give it another week.