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Nova, Panic's New Text Editor

I’ve had a chance to test Nova for the last few months—it’s real good!

It’s a subscription model now, but—as expected from Panic—it’s extremely fair. Pay annually and you’ll continue to seamlessly get updates. Let your subscription lapse and you’ll get to keep using Nova at the version you stopped your subscription1. $100 up front, $50 a year after that, discount of $20 if you are coming from Coda 2.

Competition in this field is fierce—with VS Code2 and Atom both being popular—and free—I worry that Nova won’t be able to compete. Nova is far from feature parity, Mac only, and is paid—it’s already lost the vast majority of potential users. What it does have, is Mac-like-ness and a modern feel, which is a niche that could be served3. I’m definitely going to give it a fair try to see if it can meet my needs, because it is a joy to use. Finally, this is totally wishful thinking, but if they could provide an honest to goodness iPad editor with Nova—and it was bundled in the current subscription price—they’d have a competitive edge over editors like VS Code.


  1. Sketch App is the first app I’m aware of using this model. I like it. 👍

  2. Say what you want about Electron apps—VS Code is a fantastic editor that I use daily.

  3. BB Edit is a Mac-like editor—but it definitely is not modern by my estimation. It feels clunky to me, a millennial, but there is a large group of Mac faithfuls that love the thing and I’m happy it exists for them.