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What Chat GTP thinks Steve Ledsworth would look like if he was in a Pixar movie. Portrait of Steve Ledsworth

When Microsoft's ambitious 'Netflix of gaming' service launches in September, it won't arrive on Apple devices – here's why

Given that Apple allows services like Netflix and Spotify without reviewing every piece of content, why not allow a similar service for gaming? The difference boils down to the medium, according to Apple: Games are interactive, unlike music and film, and there are consumer expectations baked into the App Store related to gaming.

Ah yes, my expectations as a consumer are that if the game isn’t riddled with psychological traps and dark UX patterns to get users addicted and paying, Apple isn’t interested. Also—does Apple really think they have an edge in gaming? Imagine being so disconnected from reality to suggest Candy Crush is deserving over the likes of Halo or Destiny?

Snark aside, my expectation for this fall was that I would be able to play Destiny and Halo from my iPad with an Xbox controller, That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. Why add all this controller support and then shut out AAA games from existing on your platform?