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Xbox Showcase: You Can’t Afford Not to Have Game Pass Ultimate

On one hand, the Xbox Showcase was fairly underwhelming—it didn’t sell me on why the Xbox Series X is something I should have interest in. We knew Halo Infinite would be there, and what was shown was pretty safe, especially compared to the brilliant Halo 2 E3 game demo. Fable announcement was a surprise, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the franchise.

On the other hand, I will be able to play everything announced at the showcase without paying anything more than what I already pay for Xbox Game Pass. I would have spent $60 for Xbox Live, $60 in Destiny 2 expansions, and $60 for Halo Infinite—paying for the cost of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a year. Now I can play all sorts of additional content I may have missed as $60 is a fairly large barrier to entry when a purchase value is unknown. Icing on the cake? xCloud will be included in Game Pass Ultimate as well.

If you are an Xbox owner, Game Pass is what you can’t afford not to have. The Xbox Series X is nice, but Game Pass is where the real value lies.