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Next Gen Xboxes Launch November 10th

I’m really digging Microsoft’s strategy with the next generation of Xbox. No nonsense, inclusive, and meeting players where they are. Sure, there aren’t any day one exclusives—and won’t be any for some time—but there are still tangible benefits with smart delivery features bringing you the games you already own, but with shorter load times and better graphics. That may not sell a $500 console on its own, but Microsoft knows that. Enter Xbox All Access: pay $35 a month for hundreds of first party games, EA Play, Xbox Live, and the most powerful videogame console created to date, the Xbox Series X. As someone who already pays for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, this is a steal—actually saving me money over the course of two years if I were to buy the Series X upfront. Sign me up!

Preorders for both the Series S and Series X start on September 22nd. In both cases, I believe the Xbox All Access packages are the way to go. There is a fairly good chance that you won’t need to buy any games if Xbox Game Pass continues to improve at this steady rate. Microsoft is on the cusp of Netflix for games—and I couldn’t be more excited!