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Iconfactory's Project Tapestry

The Iconfactory has a Kickstarter for a new iOS application called Project Tapestry. The pitch is that the internet is too damn big and fragmented to keep up with all the things of interest—wouldn’t it be great if everything was all in one place?

I’m skeptical that this is a solvable problem. There are walled gardens that cannot be included. Hell, even RSS feeds are a clickbait shell of what they used to be. I don’t know how much of the internet needs to be available in Tapestry to feel like I don’t need to check another dozen apps, but it surely is more than my Mastodon timeline and RSS feeds.

Yet, I can’t help but be excited to see what the folks at Iconfactory come up with. They’ve been making quality software for decades and they seem pretty jazzed with what they are cooking up.

Craig Hockenberry on Mastodon:

I can’t wait to explain how we’re doing Project Tapestry. It’s simple, powerful, and most importantly, extensible. If anything, we’re underselling the capabilities in the video and pitch.

Consider my interest piqued. Allowing for 3rd party extensions opens up all sorts of opportunities. I do wonder if this is something Apple will allow through app review though? Regardless, $40 feels like a small price to pay to support a great indie software shop and if they end up solving the internet fragmentation problem thats just icing.